Since 2010 Textcase has seen a considerable increase in the demand for web store translation, mostly into German, French and English. Product descriptions should be perfectly worded in order to inform, inspire and to convince the customer to buy the product. Web store texts are written with care and should, therefore, be translated with care.

We have gained valuable experience in web store translation, whether the main product is a Mediterranean vacation home, trendy clothing, lightning or fun cooking utensils. Our translators understand that the product description is an important addition to the photo. The customer sees what the product looks like but wants to read about the material, how it would fit into their daily life and when and how it could be used. This has to be a vivid description.

Most product descriptions in web stores are SEO friendly with short, clear sentences and excellent word choices. In other languages this has to come across just as well as in the source language. Our native speakers localize the texts in such a way that the products are elegantly described and presented in every language.

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