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Fully localized web stores through professional translation

We offer high quality translations that communicate your company vision and the feel of your web store to prospective customers in other cultures and language regions.

Our commercial approach to web store translations and SEO/SEA expertise stimulate the international growth of your business.

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How we create web store translations:

Product descriptions must be phrased perfectly in order to inform and inspire your customers and encourage them to buy. Our translators understand that the product descriptions are a valuable supplement to the photo. Web store texts have been written with care, and should be translated with the same attention to detail.

Web store translation: Export and import

At Textcase we are familiar with most CMS systems and are willing and able to take on the implementation of translated texts. For every individual project, we assess what the most efficient approach is. Our in-house business partner Experius can potentially be of added value in this respect. After the translation of your web store, a second native speaker will test your shop from A to Z and will make any necessary corrections in the new language.

Your dedicated web store translation partner

Should you make regular changes to your web store or add new products, please contact us again. Textcase is happy to establish long-term partnerships; after all, we are already familiar with your web store and the appropriate vernacular.

Of course, your translated web store also needs to be easy to find online. Which is why we also provide translations of AdWords campaigns and social media.

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koert van der scheer

Need more information about our translation services? Contact Koert van der Scheer, our managing director.

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“Not only are the texts translated correctly, but the SEO requirements of our texts are also taken into account. In short, Textcase is the right translation partner for Protest.”

Michiel Claessens

E-Commerce Manager, Protest Sportswear


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