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Textcase provides document translations

For businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations our team translates documents, marketing materials, reports and other commercial texts.

Every translation is edited by a second native speaker, this ensures that the translation becomes a text in its own right, separate from the original and that readability is optimized.

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About our document translations:

Our worldwide team of translators and editors creates translations from an into almost any language for many businesses. International companies like Garmin and Fujitsu rely on Textcase for translations of both their business documents and external communications.

Every texts receives the attention it deserves – we make sure that we understand the purpose of the texts before we start and you’ll receive professional translations on time and ready to use, in any format you need.

Our business translation services include, but are not limited to:

✔ PowerPoint presentations
✔ Word files
✔ Excel files
✔ Text in images
✔ Subtitling
✔ Contracts

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koert van der scheer

Need more information about our translation services? Contact Koert van der Scheer, our managing director.

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“Thank you for the second text. Again, you’ve delivered top quality work on this highly complex policy document. With this excellent translation we can start our conversations in Brussels.”

Bas van den Barg

Representative, European Union


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