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A New Office

Textcase USA is now up and running in the city of Boston. Laura Pepitone manages the Boston office but she's also still working on projects for European customers. If you are a translator, you'll continue to hear from her on a regular basis – most likely in the middle...

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Translator Reviews

Translator reviews are important for any translation agency. The translation business can be a bit messy: anyone can start an agency and anyone can become a translator. Ratings and reviews on websites, therefore, are more important than ever. On the most popular...

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First weeks in Boston

Exactly two months ago I arrived in Boston to open up Textcase USA. One of the first things I learned after my arrival is how to accept that there are only so many hours in a day. There's an incredible amount of fun and interesting things to do around Boston, so...

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Impression of our Boston Office

On April 1st we officially moved into our brand new office on 711 Atlantic Avenue in Boston. We're enjoying a shared workspace called Workbar. Hundreds of startups, freelancers and companies are located here, creating a vibrant and inspiring environment for Textcase...

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Breaking the language barrier

New York City teenager Tim Doner speaks more than 20 languages. When he is invited by media outlets to discuss his impressive ability to learn languages, it becomes clear that most people are only interested in hearing Chinese tongue twisters and other 'exotic'...

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Textcase Boston opening March 1st

Translation Agency Textcase will officially open its Boston office on March 1st, 2015. Manager Laura Pepitone will work closely with the existing team in Utrecht, The Netherlands, to manage translation projects for the North American market. A short video pitch...

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Reading Translations

Most of us in the translation and publishing industry have heard of Ann Morgan and her Reading the World project. In 2012, she read 196 books in translation, one from each independent country in the world: one book from Swaziland, one from Argentina, and so on. Her...

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The Most Important Languages

Yesterday we published a blog about how AdWords can be a great way to test the market potential of foreign countries. One of the questions it didn't answer was which languages are the most important. A few weeks ago, The Economist wrote about the most important...

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Find the Right Translator

When you have a translation project, how do you select the right translator or language service provider? How do you make sure the quality matches your standard and how can you check the quality if you can't read the language? Many marketing and communications...

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Translate this Book

Book translations open up worlds, cultures, connections. They spread information across linguistic borders, which empowers people, they improve understanding and bring people together. The financial crisis and structural problems within the publishing industry have...

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Creating Better Content

In the early 1990s the internet was a big empty space waiting for people to fill it. Today, there still is a need for new content but the need for better content seems to be growing faster. One of the challenges that online initiatives face is the contradiction...

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