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Google AdWords translations

A carefully localized Google ads campaign is essential if you’re looking to grow your foreign markets. Our team researches how you can stand out from the crowd internationally and in a growing online market.

Textcase is a certified Google Partner and our online marketing expertise enables us to analyze and produce your foreign Google ads campaign professionally and efficiently. Our professional worldwide network consists of both linguists and online marketers, making Textcase the best language partner to achieve your international success.

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Conversion oriented Google ads translations

Literal translations of keywords can have an adverse effect in other languages, and even lead to blunders. That is why we consult with our translators to find synonyms for your keywords and subsequently assess the search volume and cost per click.

We also conduct an in-depth analysis of the ads when we translate your Google ads campaigns. For example, a haughty text may be a good choice in the United States, whereas a more subtle approach is required in Scandinavian countries in order to achieve successful conversion.

At Textcase, the texts are scrutinized by a translator (native speaker), editor and an Google ads professional in order to achieve optimum results.

How does it work?
You’ll receive a quotation tailored to your wishes and the volume of the campaign(s). You can paste the keywords, search term exclusions, site links and advertisement texts to Word or Excel documents and email them to us.

We can also link your Google ads campaign to our client center or directly format your translated campaign with an AEA export file and place it in your account. Your translated Google ads campaigns are ready to go live!

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Textcase was very attentive and effective in learning our product and marketing message. This allowed for a translation that is consistent no matter what language it’s in! Their speed, pricing, and personal touch made Textcase a pleasure to work with.

Dustin Zaloom

Analyst, Yext


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