Today, Google Ads looks very different from how it did a few years ago. Google regularly changes the rules of advertising. As a company, it’s very useful to know how to optimise your Google Ads campaign for a good ROI. And that’s where Textcase comes in! We’re happy to help you on your way with our tips and tricks for successful Google Ads in 2021.

Why advertise on Google

Of course, we should first ask ourselves: why should you advertise on Google? It’s not feasible for everyone.

The most important consideration when using Google Ads is your budget. Google Ads can be very useful and make your sales or visitor numbers skyrocket, but you do have to make the necessary investment first. You should plan for a minimum budget of 10 euros per day, but in many cases, more is desired.

One of Google’s big advantages is its huge reach. Everyone who’s using this search engine can see your ad, until your budget runs out. So how does it work? You pay every time someone clicks on your ad. This means that you don’t have to pay when people see your advertisement but don’t click. That’s why a higher budget is better. Suppose 1 click costs 25 cents and your daily budget is 10 euros – this means that 40 people can click on your ad before it’s no longer visible.

Google Ads can deliver results very fast. The moment your ad is approved by Google and becomes active, you can see the difference and realise additional sales within hours.

Additionally, Google Ads is useful for advertising wherever you are, and you can reach exactly who you want to target. This makes it perfect for any target group, in any language.

Successful Google Ads in 2021

So we know that Google Ads can work well for your business. However, there have been some changes recently. Let’s look at what works well in 2021 and how you can take advantage of it. Here are some proven tips and methods.

Smart bidding

Smart bidding is the ability to let Google’s smart AI do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to bidding strategy. Instead of entering everything yourself, you let Google’s computer learn what best suits your needs. This is called ‘Safe Bidding’. To use this, you should track your conversions so that you know exactly what’s happening. This tool is very convenient and gives you the best bidding strategy with the best results in the areas you specify, such as Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS).


Gallery Ads

With images to make your ads more attractive, Gallery Ads are a good way to attract customers. You combine text with 4 to 8 images, which are shown at the top on mobile devices. One benefit of this option is that Google only charges you when people actually scroll through your images.

Desktop and mobile Ads

Many websites currently have between 70% to 90% of their users visiting from mobile devices. This tells us that it’s effective to target people who are engaged with your ads on their phones. However, it’s interesting to note that the best conversions for many websites still come from desktop environments. This may be worth looking into in order to improve your website and to respond with the right Google Ads strategy.

Negative search terms

In Google Ads, you can indicate how you want to target keywords. You can indicate where you’d like to be found. With negative search terms, you can indicate where you don’t want to be found. This is a completely different way of thinking about targeting ads that’s many companies often overlook. That’s why you can be distinctive with Google Ads in 2021. It’s a good way to ensure that you’re found in the way you’ve envisioned, instead of wasting money on nonsensical keywords.

An effective landing page

This is something that many companies forget, but which is certainly very important: a good landing page. Imagine you create a fantastic advertisement in Google Ads; everything works exactly as planned and lots of people click on it. Then, the page that people are redirected to is not optimised or properly laid out. This is when you’ll lose most of the clicks, and with that, a lot of money. That’s a shame. Make sure that your landing page is effective, looks attractive, and convinces the visitor to do what you want them to do.


No advertisement should run without Google Analytics, or a similar tool. This allows you to track exactly what’s happening on your website, and therefore how your Google ad is performing. Google Analytics is one of the best tracking tools that allows you to see exactly who’s visiting your pages, how they got there, what they’re doing, and much more. This tool should not be overlooked, especially when you’re planning to run an ad.

The right language

Of course, we have to mention how important it is to use the right language. Google Ads can work with AI to find the right language and respond accordingly. Of course, Textcase can help you by ensuring that your translations are perfect. It’s also very important to make sure your landing page is flawless when advertising in multiple languages. Contact us for more information on how we can assist you with website or page translations.

Some of the customers who trust us for perfect translations of their Google Ads are Fatboy, DAF and Tassimo.

We hope that you’ll achieve more success with Google Ads in 2021 with these tips and tricks.

After reading all of this, do you still think that creating effective Google Ads seems like an impossible task? We’re happy to help you. Our team is ready to help you with more information or assist you with shaping your campaigns. Please feel free to contact us.


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