Starting our Business in Boston

Starting our Business in Boston

One of my earliest memories is hearing kids speak foreign languages during summer vacations on the Dutch coast. Most of them spoke German. To me it seemed as if they were communicating in a secret language. Confusion made way for intense curiosity: I hád to decipher their code. Now, some 25 years later, I am setting up a translation office in Boston. Our company’s goal is to connect people worldwide through high quality translations. Technology has done an amazing job bringing people from different cultures together, making it more important than ever to invest in effective international communication. Seth Godin wrote a really great blog about this a few days ago. Every day our team delivers translations that make information available to a new group of people who speak a specific language. Whether it’s literary fiction or a major AdWords campaign, we apply our linguistic talents with the same vigor. Textcase has been around for more than 40 years – we used to be the biggest book translation agency in the Benelux in the 1970s, nowadays we are an allround translation partner to both companies and publishers. We know there is a big market waiting for us in North America. Just a few weeks ago we delivered fully translated, localized and optimized AdWords campaigns in multiple languages for Yext, a company based in New York City and number 20 on the Forbes most promising companies in 2014 list. As Textcase is now operational on both sides of the Atlantic, please keep an eye out for our updates via either our newsletter (sign up below, I promise we won’t spam you)...

The Benefits of Small Translation Agencies

Whether you’re looking to have a book or document translated, choosing the right language service provider is key. Many clients such as authors, publishers, and corporations believe that larger translation agencies will generally provide better translations than smaller firms. But is that really the case? Brian McConnell, a writer for the Globalization & Localization Association, wrote an impressive article in which he highlights the following: “I generally recommend that customers avoid the big three companies unless they are going to generate six to seven figure annual budgets. The reason isn’t that the big translation companies are bad, it’s just that their incentive is to focus on large accounts or accounts that might grow quickly. You’ll get more attention and better service from small and mid-sized companies, and as noted above, new tools make it straightforward to manage multiple providers, and to do much of the project management yourself.” At Textcase, we welcome Mr. McConnell’s conclusion and would like to illustrate the advantages of choosing a small translation agency. There are four elements that we would like to highlight here, elements that we believe benefit both private clients and companies. 1.    Customer service/more attention and higher service level The main advantage of choosing smaller translation agencies is the superior level of customer service they provide. In today’s market, clients place value not only the products and services they receive, but also look for more personal contact in terms of rapport, accommodating their needs, and offering solutions to any potential problems. Consequently, communication and interaction with our clients is a vital part of being a project manager at Textcase. Each client is...

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