We’re currently seeing a strong increase in the use of bicycles not only in the Netherlands, but throughout Europe. Stimulated by the construction of bicycle lanes, government subsidies, and special tax regulations, there has been a bicycle boom, especially when it comes to pedelecs and e-bikes. In short: more space is being made for cyclists.


Growth market

In 2018, more electric bicycles were sold in the Netherlands than city bikes. This increase marked an unprecedented development that has continued through to this year. The long, warm summers of recent years have encouraged people all over Europe to start cycling. Even when we look at the period before and after the corona crisis, this growth continues. As many other activities are now less accessible, a nice bike ride has only become more attractive. The reduced availability of public transport and the rules that have been put in place are also increasing the popularity of the bicycle.

Since more people are going on holiday close to home this year, we expect to see a further increase in bicycle use. Would you like to go cycling somewhere further afield? With mallorcacycling.nl, you can experience an adventurous cycling holiday in Mallorca.


Measures to promote cycling

We already mentioned that various measures to stimulate cycling have been and are still being implemented in many European countries. Here are some examples:

  • ‘Bicycle highways’ have been created in the Netherlands, in areas such as Enschede.
  • Budapest has created pop-up bike lanes.
  • From May 2020, Brussels will have a priority zone for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • In several British cities, cars are now prohibited in many streets.
  • France grants each cyclist €50 to repair his or her bicycle.
  • Italy has adopted a new law that makes a €500 subsidy available to every e-bike buyer.
  • From 11 May 2020, the French government started offering reimbursements for cycling lessons. In addition, investments are being made in more public parking spaces for bicycles, and an existing program will cover the costs of commuting by bicycle.
  • In the Paris region, 750 kilometers of cycle paths will be built for longer commutes. Three new bike paths will also be constructed along the city’s three busiest metro lines. By 2024, all streets will be bicycle friendly. This removes 72% of the parking spaces for cars, actively discouraging car use.
  • In Milan, serious work is being done to convert what has been an automobile haven into a cycling paradise. The city of Milan has been struggling with air pollution from car emissions for years and hopes to address it in this way. The city council will also build 35 kilometers of bicycle lanes after the coronavirus lockdown.
  • We expect more tax benefits across Europe to make bicycle leasing more attractive to employers and employees. This type of program has already met with success in Germany and Belgium.


Benefits of the bike

In these uncertain times, when there are many rules and restrictions imposed on public transport and carpooling, the bicycle is still a pleasant and reliable means of transport without extra rules. The bicycle always gets you to your destination, provided it is not too far away. Getting out in the fresh air also makes people happier and fitter, something that is extremely important, now more than ever, and should be encouraged.

Last but not least, the bicycle is a sustainable means of transport that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Not everyone can park a car at home, but a bicycle really fits anywhere. A bicycle is also easy to take with you on public transport.


Biking and translations

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