marketing translationIt can be intimidating to deliver your marketing message to other languages and cultures. You’ve worked hard to create a consistent, authentic identity – how do you even begin to translate your marketing message? How do you keep it up-to-date? Are you going to have to completely change your company’s strategy abroad?

Translation and localization is not the hard part. It’s finding your voice and putting yourself out there – you’ve already done that!

There are no shortcuts to putting yourself out there. A Twitter user proudly announced today that it would ‘promote your book to 157.000+ followers’. It sounds great, however, it’s probably not very effective. Many people want to be heard, they want their product or service to stand out. Many people also don’t want to do the work it takes.

If you’ve worked hard to establish not only a product or service but also a voice, identity and a story, then the translation and localization of your marketing will be smooth and simple. All you have to do is give your language service provider a sneak peak behind the scenes of your company.

Textcase finds a way to preserve your company identity while translating and localizing your marketing for another culture and language. We take our time to understand your business goals, we give free advice and we follow up to make sure you succeed.

Read more about translating your marketing message and taking your business abroad.


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