translate bookBook translations open up worlds, cultures, connections. They spread information across linguistic borders, which empowers people, they improve understanding and bring people together.

The financial crisis and structural problems within the publishing industry have put a strain on book publishing in general and book translation specifically – partially because it can be relatively costly and time consuming.

Only about three procent of books in the United States are translations (if you care about increasing this number, check out the 3% initiative from literary translation promoter and publisher Chad Post).

An overview made by English PEN, a global literary network, shows a promising list of recent and upcoming translations in 2015.

What does it take for us to translate more books? Mostly, it’s willing and daring publishers and self-publishers, government grants, non profit initiatives, technology platforms, international cooperations between publishers, marketing savvy authors, internationally-minded authors, professional translators, editors and project managers, and, of course, curious readers.

Get excited about the power of translation and watch writer Chris Bliss’ TED Talk: Comedy is Translation.


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