After long days at school and many hours spent huddled over my textbooks, it was finally time to put the knowledge I had acquired to the test and spend my eight-week internship at translation agency Textcase. From the very first time I spoke to Laura, project manager at Textcase, I had a good feeling about the company. Although you always have to wait and see whether your instincts are right, after my first day I was confident that my internship would turn out to be a valuable and positive experience. Premature? Certainly not. I now have only three weeks to go and I have to admit that my time here has flown by. Eight weeks isn’t long by any measure, but if an internship is disappointing, eight weeks can seem to crawl by.

My internship with Textcase is the first internship that is directly correlated to my major. And so, I was quite nervous five weeks ago, anxious to see what my time there would bring and whether I would live up to their expectations. Thankfully, the people at Textcase had confidence in my abilities and I was soon entrusted with the responsibility for a number of great assignments.

As a project management intern with Textcase, my responsibilities focused on translation quality. This entails approaching translators, having editors check the completed translation and making sure that the translation is delivered to the client in a proper and timely fashion. My college mentor asked me the fair question of whether it never becomes boring to do the same thing every day. I understand how someone who is not involved in this industry would come to ask that question. Textcase translates websites, documents, books, apps, e-books and much more from various languages into any number of languages – and each assignment comes with its own particular deadline, budget and content. This means that some assignments are more challenging than others. Another aspect of this internship is daily contact with translators, editors and authors around the globe. So the answer is no, it doesn’t get boring at all!

The life of a Textcase intern is busy, and at times even hectic. But it is also fun, extremely informative and satisfying. During my time here, I have done, seen and especially learned a lot. I can recommend an internship with Textcase to any student looking for a diverse, informal and informative working environment. Time flies when you’re having fun!


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