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As of now, translation agency Textcase is an official Google AdWords certified partner. We earned this title after Textcase employees successfully completed a variety of Google AdWords exams. The translation agency also meets all the qualification conditions that Google requires of its partners. Read this blog and learn more about AdWords, its translation and the role Textcase plays as a Google Partner in this process.

What is AdWords?

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is one of the most effective marketing tools currently available to promote your brand, products and services and to generate more online sales. Linking appealing advertising texts to the proper keywords allows you to reach your specific target group. When your company’s target group uses the search engine, an advertisement that corresponds to their query can be listed at the top of the results list or to the right of the results list. Google’s AdWords programme makes this possible.

Het verschil tussen SEA en SEO

Why translate Adwords?

A growing number of companies operate internationally. Findability on the internet for these new markets is crucial. Which is why a properly translated website or web store is no longer sufficient. Careful localisation of an AdWords campaign is indispensable. The relatively small investment in an AdWords translation will allow you to reach a large new specific target group.

How Textcase translates AdWords

Translating AdWords demands much more than simply converting advertisements and keywords into another language. When Textcase translates AdWords campaigns, cultural differences and particular terminology are taken into account. What keywords do people use in the target language? How should advertisement texts be phrased in order to appeal to customers?

For AdWords translations Textcase conducts a keyword analysis and localises, transcreates and optimises advertisement texts. And takes all the technical aspects of AdWords into account. After translation, clients will receive their campaigns in a format that will allow them to go live with a single click.

AdWords localisation & transcreation

American advertisements are informal, direct and boisterous. German marketing texts are elaborate and serious. In the Netherlands, we tend to be forthright, to the point or even downright brash. Would throwing around terms such as “cheap”, which is highly effective in the Netherlands, be equally wise in the target language?

Are the claims you make in your advertisement texts also relevant in the target language? Which USPs would lead to an even better conversion for the target market? Are there any legal or practical considerations that might lead you to adjust or eliminate certain catchphrases about payment or shipping methods? It all boils down to adapting AdWords campaigns to the target group of your translated texts.

What does this certification mean for Textcase?

With this certification, translation agency Textcase demonstrates its profound knowledge and skills with respect to delivering an outstanding AdWords translation. Grammatically and linguistically correct and conversion-oriented. It is a confirmation of our expertise in educating our translators on how AdWords works and advising our clients about their propositions abroad.


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