At Textcase, the human factor is always an integral part of translating. Our translators are not only highly qualified, but are also experienced native speakers. Their linguistic expertise, knowledge and intelligence surpass every technological accomplishment in this sector of industry, including MemSource technologies. Nevertheless, the development of translation tools into support systems in the translation process is proving interesting to translation agencies. Translation tools are available in a number of varying versions. New disciplines such as post-editing are becoming mainstream concepts.

Memsource cloud

Last summer, Textcase carried out extensive research into translation tools. There’s a great deal of information available on the internet, of course, but we were invited to spend some time at TAUS  and visited the SDL exhibition among others. We also participated in webinars and hosted a number of account managers. Through these various activities, we discovered that, for Textcase, MemSource provides the most attractive solution for the advancement of our quality and workflow.

MemSource, the translation tool of choice for Textcase, offers the possibility of conducting the entire translation process in the cloud. Translators and editors are able to log in via personal accounts. Here, they receive an overview of their assigned tasks and have access to a local- and web-editor.

Why MemSource benefits Textcase:

• rapid analysis of the word count no matter the format.
• clear-cut translation of web file formats without formatting codes.
• suggestions from machine translation tool ‘Microsoft with feedback’ can be activated or deactivated.
• rapid implementation of repeated terms and fragments.
• simple to use for translators and project managers.

Textcase has also implemented a translation memory that files by topic and client based on previous translations. Translators can also (together) add to or edit the terminology databases. This will improve the consistency in terminology. Data confidentiality will, of course, always be ensured.

We’ve been working intensively with MemSource for more than a month. We’re gradually trying to extend the number of projects passing through the tool and translators as well as editors and project managers are enthusiastic! An update on this experience will be posted in a few months time.


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