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Starting our Business in Boston

One of my earliest memories is hearing kids speak foreign languages during summer vacations on the Dutch coast. Most of them spoke German. To me it seemed as if they were communicating in a secret language. Confusion made way for intense curiosity: I hád to decipher...

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Frankfurt Book Fair 2014

Last Saturday, my colleague Koert van der Scheer and I visited the Frankfurt Book Fair – the biggest book fair in the world – in just one day (we caught an early train from Utrecht). We met with content distributers, content producers, people who are developing new...

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Connotations of Brands and Product Names

‘Fellatio’, ‘pancake’ and ‘waxed mare’: it might be hard to believe, but this is what some product names actually mean in other languages. Many businesses don’t even consider the fact that something as simple as the pronunciation of a product name in a foreign...

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The Effects of Poor AdWords Translations

When developing an efficient, multilingual website, reaching the right target audience is paramount. To achieve this, advertising online with Google AdWords is always a sure way to add strength to your organic visibility. You probably already have an AdWords campaign...

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My Internship at Textcase: Time Flies

After long days at school and many hours spent huddled over my textbooks, it was finally time to put the knowledge I had acquired to the test and spend my eight-week internship at translation agency Textcase. From the very first time I spoke to Laura, project manager...

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The Benefits of Small Translation Agencies

Whether you’re looking to have a book or document translated, choosing the right language service provider is key. Many clients such as authors, publishers, and corporations believe that larger translation agencies will generally provide better translations than...

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10 SEO Tips for Website Translations

In a previous blog, I discussed domain name selection when creating a multi-lingual website. This time I will take a closer look at the SEO structure that is required for a successful international website. The ten most important SEO translation tips that should be...

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From Translation To Localization

The advantages of localization today go beyond opening up national markets. Imagine you earn money by selling your product locally. You have a product description in place, a website, webshop, marketing materials and more. Your business is growing and you are thinking...

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Why Transliteration?

In a globalizing digital market, transliteration is an upcoming service. As a company you can realize growth by providing online content, products or applications in multiple languages through the Internet. These translation and localization projects focused in our...

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Making or Breaking a Translation

Translating is a lot like walking a tightrope. When you finally find your balance, you can take a few steady steps in the right direction. Still, you always have to stay focused and make sure not to fall. You can either do really well or fail miserably. Our worldwide...

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Domain Choices for International Websites

How do you set up a well-structured multilingual website? This is question pops up frequently, but it's difficult to answer. The truth is that there really is no right or wrong. That said, I have nevertheless seen a lot of businesses make the wrong choices. An...

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10 Book Translation Tips for Self-Publishers

Self-publishing is exciting, and having your book translated can make it even more exciting. As a translation project manager, I work with major publishers and self-publishing authors. In this article I will point out how the translation process can be both effective...

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