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Professional translations from and into Arabic

Arabic translation is one of our specialities: we translate into Arabic for companies, publishers and non-profits that operate in a broad variety of markets. Our trained and tested translators are located worldwide. They usually live in the country where the text will be read and they always translate into their mother tongue.

Whether you need a translation into or from Arabic, our team will think along with you to get the best results. Read more about our experience in Arabic translation below.

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About our Arabic translations

Companies like GameBasics and TrafficBuilders rely on Textcase for ready-to-publish Arabic translations. We consider the regions where the texts will be used, so that we enlist our professionals in that area.

We translate from any language into Arabic and vice versa. Rates depend on the amount of words, the language combination and the difficulty of the text. Aside from translation, we offer various services such as keyword research and other online marketing localization necessities.

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For more information on Arabic translations, contact Laura Pepitone, one of our project managers.

She can provide you with more information.

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Textcase was very attentive and effective in learning our product and marketing message. This allowed for a translation that is consistent no matter what language it’s in! Their speed, pricing, and personal touch made Textcase a pleasure to work with.

Dustin Zaloom

Analyst, Yext


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